Skolconnect Offers stunning,
intuitive mobile app & smart dashboard,
empowering you to empower your school performance

Admission solution

Security: Skolconnect provides you with a secure, high quality, online application process.
Save Time: You can now save time by applying through our Skolconnect website at anytime and anyplace.(provide Application deadline)


Student profile

Each student has their own profile that contains all necessary information, as well as having access to grades, weekly lessons, upcoming tests and assignments and more.

Bus Tracking mobile app

SkolConnect provides quick and secure access to your child’s routing information, which maintains details of each individual student including contact detail, pickup time and location and route and bus number.


TimeTable Module

Access to individual timetable for each year group which includes dates for:

  • Upcoming Exams
  • Weekly Lessons
  • Submission Dates

Classroom Tools

Lesson Plans

  • Plan Ahead : Parents are able to access lesson plans beforehand throughout the school year as applied by the teachers.
  • Catch Up : If students have missed any schooldays they will have access to all previous lessons and be able to catch up.


Parents are able to keep track of student’s attendance throughout the year.

Educator Access

Teachers will have access to collect, grade, and return assignments with scheduled dates.
Track Progress: Teachers will have access to students’ grades and be able to track progress
Plan Ahead: Make your work easier by planning ahead each week and letting students know


Keep family informed: Parents are able to access student’s grades and track progress .
Easiers Tools : Save time and energy by having access to tools that simplify your grading process.
Alert: Parents will be alerted if there is a major drop in grades.


Message Center

Teachers, students and parents will have access to a message center that allows them to communicate easily.